Kindergarten Program

We ensure your child is ready for that important transition into school by incorporating a school readiness program. By building on their developing physical, social, emotional, thinking and creative skills, we can help prepare your child to adjust to the challenges they will encounter as easily as possible.

We look to provide numerous opportunities to learn, through varied experiences and activities and help your child to equip themselves with those essential skills preparing them for school and beyond.

The School Readiness program incorporates pre-writing, reading and math skills and also encourages independence, decision making, effective communication and co-operation all to help build their confidence and self-esteem.  We develop strong partnerships with the local schools, and encourage teachers to visit the children in the early learning setting.  Transitions statements are completed in term 4.

Inspira Kids Kindergarten

Early Childhood Professionals

Our educators are role models and an important influential component in your child’s life. We work together as a cohesive team providing respect and consideration for each other’s needs.

All of our early childhood professionals are qualified and have a great understanding of working with children to help them develop a healthy self-image and positive attitude towards diversity and equality.

We understand that by making children’s learning visible, they are capable of devising creative ways knowing, understanding and making connections and meaning.