How Can Early Years Education benefit your child?

“Teachers do the noble work of educating our children. And we can’t thank them enough for the hard work they put in every day to ensure a bright future for all of us.  ”   

-Denise Juneau


Here at InspiraKids Early Learning Centre, we have developed programs which foster trusting relationships with their peers and educators. We aim to provide a high quality standard of care which ensures that children feel safe, secure and supported with their educators, as these educators are the adults that will be spending an ample amount of time with your child during their time at our Early Learning Centre.

Our educators are more than someone who just watches over your child during their time here, they are a friend, a peer, a confidant, a role model and a teacher. Our educators help your child to better understand social and emotional cues and connections, which lead to success later on in life.

Our educators use teachable moments to assist with showing children how to manage their emotions, how to work out what they are feeling, why they are feeling this way and then how to process said feelings. These interactions between your child and our educators will positively assist with your child’s social and emotional development.

Being in a setting where your child is constantly surrounded by peers, it allows for multiple social situations throughout the day. This ensures that your child is exposed to variety of opportunities to develop behaviours that would be appropriate to the situation. This leads to social competence later on in life.


Having your child at an Early Learning Centre has so many wonderful benefits to your child’s cognitive development and language skills. Long day care setting  exposes children to a culturally diverse and language abundant setting. Simple things throughout the day, such as games, singing, role play, or even just asking thought-provoking questions, can push your child’s language skills forward. More words are picked up, longer sentences start to be structured and complex conversations develop.

At an Early Learning Centre, the curriculum is designing in a way that initiates their thoughts. Activities and experiences are designed to support both verbal and non-verbal communication which in turn takes advantage of your child’s early cognitive learning ability.


It’s very well known that starting your child in long day care or in any early learning setting, that children are likely to get colds and viruses. However, this works in your favour by the time you start school, as your child has already spent an adequate amount of time around other people and are now less vulnerable to these viruses.

Whilst at an Early Learning Centre, children tend to do a lot of play and exercise, which also in turn results in a healthier lifestyle and boosted immune system.

Even though having your child in care will in turn result in them being exposed to more sickness, and becoming sick, your child is currently building up their immunity and will experience much less sickness due to colds and viruses later on in life.


Routine and thoughtful structure is not usually visible by children, yet has a sufficient framework to allow for appropriate learning. Children tend to flourish in an environment  that has a regular routine and structure, it tends to manifest a more relaxed learning environment as well. This is due to children being able to anticipate what will happen next throughout the day and not be stressed by any changes which occur throughout the day.

The structure and routine throughout the day provides your child with adequate time to eat, sleep, play and socialise. During play, children learn so much just by exploring and discovering the world around them. During structured learning, children are also exposed to activities strategically planned throughout the day which is essential to their intellectual development.


Having your child in Early Years Education prior to starting school is going to equip your child with the tools that they will need to succeed later on in life. The educators at InspiraKids Early Learning provide your children with the skills needed for your child to advance and be successful in their own self. Educators will collaborate with families in order to deliver the best possible program for your child. Children also have the opportunity to develop and experiences wide array of things that will help them to prepare for school, from simply just being away from their parents, to being able to solve problems. Being in long day care prior to school can help them to seamlessly adapt to their new learning environment being school.


“There is an inner voice that pushes children on, but this force is greatly multiplied when they are convinced that facts and ideas are resources, just as their friends and the adults in their lives are precious resources. It is especially at this point that children expect – as they have from the beginning of their life adventure – the help and truthfulness of grownups”.

 -Loris Malaguzzi

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