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Inspira Kids Early Learning Centre Laverton

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Starting school is one of the most significant milestones of early childhood. To make this time even more exciting, we want to introduce you to the upcoming Inspira Kids Laverton centre at 1-19 Thomas St., Laverton VIC 3028, Australia.

Inspira Kids Laverton Facilities

Children develop and learn through free exploration and hands-on experiences. Experiential learning helps children use all their senses and make connections, leading to a deeper understanding and cognitive skills development. Hands-on experiences promote language and literacy and allow kids to build essential social and emotional skills.

Inspira Kids Laverton facility is designed to help children learn and explore in a protected environment. We put emphasis on holistic development and children’s free exploration.

Therefore, our new centre provides a homelike learning space that features calmness and comfort.

Our Inspira Kids Early Learning Centre Laverton will welcome you with a large indoor and outdoor play environment designed to encourage physical activity, boost motor development, and spark creativity and imagination. Our new centre features modern age-appropriate equipment, toys, and learning resources.

The Environment that Supports Learning and Development

We understand that children thrive in learning environments that are designed to meet their developmental needs. Our Regio Emilia environment is a welcoming and authentic place that nurtures cognitive, language, social, and motor development, encouraging exploration and learning independence.

A Regio Emilia inspired classroom revolves around the kids’ senses, providing them with easy access to curiosity-sparking materials and classroom supplies. There are no assigned seats typical for a traditional classroom.

Such a non-traditional learning environment with easily accessible learning materials inspires children to follow their interests and gain greater independence while learning.

Inspira Kids Learning Framework

Our curriculum is based on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) that includes a range of discipline-specific guidelines and practice resources to support professionals who work with children.

Inspira Kids is the first preschool in Australia certified by Habits of Mind USA. Our curriculum encompasses the internationally renowned school of thinking, Habits of Mind™, that promote creativity and critical thinking in young learners. The habits of Mind™ approach helps children develop into altruistic, cooperative, skillful, and empathetic adults.

Take Part in Your Child’s Learning at Inspira Kids Laverton

At Inspira Kids Early Learning Centre, we believe that parent-teacher communication is essential for a child’s academic success and overall well-being. Effective communication with parents ensures cooperation, builds mutual trust, and helps educators learn more about the kids in their care.

Professional and Certified Educators

Inspira Kids Laverton will offer an encouraging, stimulating, and safe learning environment where children learn and discover guided by professional and certified early educators.

Our educators at the centre are compassionate about helping young students reach their developmental milestones. They will ensure each child feels safe, cared for, and encouraged to follow their interests in exploration and learning.
Our early childhood educators are experts in teaching and child development. Their daily observations aim to keep parents in the loop with their kids’ developmental milestones.

Along with our dedicated educators’ team, the Inspira Kids learning framework provides a child-centred, skilled-based learning environment that promotes holistic child development.

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