Our Philosophy

Our most fundamental commitment is to create an atmosphere where children feel respected, loved and valued – a place where childhood is celebrated: a place of warmth, fun, joy, and laughter, a ‘safe’ place. A place, where children can begin to understand themselves through their interactions within a supportive learning community and where they can create their own unique ‘culture of childhood’. Through active listening and observation, we try to understand how each of us perceives our world and how parents, children and teachers can all work together, to enlighten and enrich our views.

We are committed to providing a welcoming, relaxed, safe and natural environment for all children, families and community members.

We are committed to high quality early childhood education and care.  We recognise the importance of learning through play, and appropriate intentional teaching methods are used to encourage the development of all children.

Our program is inspired by Reggio Emilia and is based on the children’s strengths and interests. The learning environments and educators play a vital role in the children’s learning.

We believe it is important that all children feel a sense of belonging. Every child is provided with opportunities to create a sense of belonging in their Inspira Kids environment.

Our committed educators understand the importance of open communication, and as a team, endeavour to ensure each parent has an understanding of their child’s day whilst at Inspira Kids.

Our team is experienced, qualified and dedicated to early childhood education and care. We value the importance of professional development and actively encourage our staff to participate in these opportunities. Educators are flexible to the individual needs and wants of all the children and their families.

We value diversity and ensure we are operating an inclusive service for all children, families and the community.  The centre operates autonomously and therefore adapts programs and policies to cater to the local community and ever growing changes in the industry.

Our on-site Food Coordinator will provide nutritious food whilst managing dietary requirements.  We encourage families to share their cultures and beliefs.

We welcome feedback and ideas to enhance our curriculum.

Vision Statement

We strive to be a leader in creating a “Home away from Home” by providing a state of the art environment , to engage , inspire, and being meaningful for all stakeholders – Children, Educators & Families

Mission Statement

Our Kids

We endeavour to create an inspiring, engaging, meaningful environment to ignite children’s imagination, curiosity, passion, creativity. By doing this we enable lifelong foundations for learning laying down lifelong foundations for learning, health and grow to be person with profound character

Our Educators

To create an inspiring environment full of potential, for educators to practice their passion and commitment towards kids learning, thereby to shine and grow in person and career.

Our Families

We believe it is important to create a connecting point for our families, to share and find comfort in placing their children, be assured that their children are in good caring hands, thereby ensuring an assured path for their child to grow up to be the ‘person’ they aspire.