As we say goodbye to term 3 and welcome the last term of the year, lets have a quick recap of the last few months from our three centres. We have celebrated a wide array of celebrations and events, such as; NAIDOC week, Teddy Bears Picnic, Pyjama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Jeans and Genes Day, Dental Health Week,  SIDS red nose day,  National Science Week, Book week, National Superhero week, Fathers day Afternoon tea, World Educator day, Mermaid & Pirate Week & Footy colours for Grandfinal Day! Lets have a look at what all of our friends have been getting up to!


Term 3 at our Centre has been full of special events and starting off, we celebrated Science Week. Children participated in a variety of activities throughout the centre, explosive volcanoes, to cleaning coins with coke-a-cola. Following Science week, we got involved in Book Week; the children had the opportunity to dress up a costume from their favourite book. Towards the middle of the term we had our annual Fathers Day afternoon tea. We were joined by our Fathers, Grandparent’s, Uncles and special people alike, for a beautiful afternoon, where the children were able to assist in the preparation of afternoon tea and also get involved in a variety of activities with their loved ones.

As Term 4 is approaching, our White Cloud children will start to visit the Arcare Sydenham Aged Care, starting with some Trick or Treating, leading up to Christmas Carols and possible on-going playgroup visits next year. Furthermore, Term 4 will be focusing on the kinder graduation for White Clouds, and we are expecting Term 4 to be a jam packed term, full of wonderful educational experiences and opportunities.


Here at Gladstone Park, we have had an eventful three months with many special centre events, incursions and excursions – I would like to thank the following members of our centre & community for their time, efforts and centre contributions. A big thank you to all our fathers, grand dads and special persons who attended our annual Father’s Day Afternoon Tea earlier this month, we hope you all had a lovely afternoon with your children, and a very big thank you to Mr Gerald De Bono, for making a very special & educational Policeman appearance earlier this month – our Green Frogs & White clouds children were ecstatic after given the opportunity to press all the siren buttons in your police car! Many thanks also for taking the time to speak to our children about public safety.   A war thanks to Ms Sarah from our local Barker’s Delight for networking and offering her time to have our kinder children visit her store. Sarah was wonderful and engaging when speaking to our White Clouds children about the processes of bread making – the children were overjoyed to receive a dinner roll as a special treat at the end of the visit!  We are very grateful for all your time & appreciate your community contributions towards our centre. If you would like to offer a special session being for story, musical instrument or cooking session, please advise me to make a time. We welcome and appreciate the support.

As we transition into Term 4, the white clouds children will start to prepare for their kinder graduation!  What an exciting time ahead as they prepare for the new and exciting chapter of primary school. As we approach the warmer months, please ensure you supply your child with a SunSmart clothing and a bucket hat to wear whilst playing outdoors. Please stay tuned for future events coming to you via email. Please do not hesitate to approach your friendly educators in relation to the services, curriculum or anything else you would like to discuss. We look forward to another educational, fun & exciting term 4!


This term at Kialla, we have developed a close relationship with our Neighbours at Riverside Plaza. From our Nursery children to our Kinder groups, all of our children have been able to participate in grocery shopping, hairdresser visits, visiting from Baker’s Delight, regular plays on the indoor playground near Degani’s and even joining in on the school holiday activities! Our new 6 & 4 seater prams have allowed all of our children to be included within our Community Program.

Our goal for term 4 is to continue to expand on our Community relationships. We would love to start advertising our InspiraKids Families owned Businesses. If you run your own Business, whether it be Electricians or Home Arts or Crafts, please drop a few Business Cards into the Front desk in preparation for display! – or simply send an email to any of the girls in management with digital copies of any material you would like advertised.

As we transition into Term 4, the Kinder children will start to prepare for their Kinder Graduation.  What an exciting time ahead as they prepare for the new and exciting chapter of Primary School. We will also be focusing on a new Habit of Mind – “Striving For Accuracy” – checking and finding way to improve constantly. This is how children learn to check their work and identify how to make improvements to it.

Please stay tuned for future events coming to you via email and Calendar of Events. Please do not hesitate to approach any of our friendly educators in relation to the services, curriculum or anything else you would like to contribute to our Program.

We look forward to another educational and fulfilling Term 4!

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